Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turkey and Apple and High Chairs

Yes, it is the same turkey from yesterday. But I added apple today. We did slices. Today Boo did not do great with the apple. He was having a pretty rough time of it. So I've decided that I'll soften apple slices for him next time he does apple instead of giving it to him raw. We'll see how that goes.

I am anxiously awaiting our tax return so that I can get Boo a high chair. I can't wait. There's quite a few moms who practice BLW who love the Antilop high chair from Ikea. At $18 for the chair and $5 for the tray the price is right. Those are approximations...not the exact price. Oh well, I might as well look it up now.'s $18.99 for the high chair. Pardon me. Anyways, it's not much to look at, but at least it doesn't look like a nursery vomit all over it. Here's what people like about it. It's plastic with no crevices. So it's pretty easy to clean up. It is polypropylene as opposed to polycarbonate which makes me happy. Polypropylene is a much safer choice when it comes to plastic.

Ikea Highchair

Here's another high chair that I like, but it's not nearly so cheap.

Euro II Highchair

I may have to break down and get it someday though. It's beautiful and it adjusts so that it can be used for all ages, all the way up through teens! Now I can't see having my teenager sit in the same chair all the way up through childhood, but it's nice to know that the option is there. But I could definitely see using it up until junior high as it's height adjustable. The Euro II is much more affordable than similar models that I've seen, such as the Tripp Trapp or the Keekaroo.

Anyways, I did not mean to go on and on so much about high chairs, but oh well. I did and now that's that.

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