Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rice Cake with Hummus and Broccoli

Sorry I've missed a few days. I have been feeding my child. However, we had a few non-exciting days in a row. Today wasn't really exciting since it's nothing new. Although the hummus recipe I used was different and I thought much better. Boo ate dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's. They actually had a chair we could use. It's the kind that attaches to a regular chair and harnesses the child in. Yay! It was so nice for Boo to have a tray. I didn't have to use my hand to "be the tray" while he ate. So since Grandma and Grandpa aren't using that handy device I got to bring it home. I'm so excited. I've been so frustrated with not having a highchair and this will definitely be sufficient for now. Boo really seems to enjoy the rice cake and hummus. The broccoli he doesn't have a problem with, but it does seem that he prefers the rice cake with the hummus to the broccoli. He did end up wearing quite a bit of his broccoli and much of it made it's way down under the tray into his lap. But oh well, that's all part of the experience!

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