Monday, February 25, 2008

Oatmeal and Banana for Breakfast

Well, we tried Boo on oatmeal with a bit of banana mixed in to sweeten it up. He's had it a couple of times now. He had it on Sunday night for dinner so that I could see how he would do with it before giving the okay to start having oatmeal for breakfast. He did great. I wanted to get a pic of his oatmeal face, but my hands were so disgusting when it was all over that I dare not touch my camera. He really enjoyed pulling the spoon towards his mouth once it was loaded up. And he also enjoyed sticking his hand in the bowl and mushing the oatmeal between his fingers. Of course! So Boo got oatmeal and banana again for breakfast today. He's starting breakfasts finally! Yay - two meals a day. Woo hoo. Once I've adjusted to being back at work (I started today) I'll add in lunches. He's pretty content with his lot right now, so no huge rush.

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