Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pizza and Apple

Tonight's dinner was pizza and apple. The pizza was a Digourno. Yes, I realize that it was processed crap. I'm not perfect. Anyways, I picked off the cheese and topping and let him have chip-shaped pieces. So it was basically crust and sauce. Yes, I know, not the most nutritious choice. But I feel we do pretty well most days, so it was frozen pizza tonight. The apple I tried a couple of ways. I peeled it and cut some slices. I also gave him half an apple and let him try to pick it up and gnaw on it that way. He seemed to prefer the slices. Boo got a bit frustrated trying to pick up the other half of the apple in one piece. It kept slipping out of his hands. The verdict? Boo LOVED the pizza. Of course. The apple he liked as long as it was the slices. He was just too frustrated with the big apple piece that he couldn't seem to get to his mouth.

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