Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taking It Easy

Well, today we took it easy with food. Boo has a diaper rash and his bum is red. It's possible that it's a reaction to the accidental dairy the other day. Or it could be that he's responding to one of the newer things he's had. Or it could be his cloth diapers. He just got some new ones, well, used, but new to him. So it's possible that there could be detergent build up from the previous owner. Or it could be teething. I've heard some babies will get a rash when they teethe. So, anyways, without knowing what's caused his little bum to be all rashy I decided not to introduce anything new for maybe a week. We'll go over some of our foods that we've had and see how it goes. We were going to start Boo on lunches this week, but seeing as we won't be able to grocery shop until next week lunches will be delayed. Oh well. This might be best anyway while we get his little bum all better.

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