Thursday, February 14, 2008

Steamed Zucchini and Steak Fries

Well, tonight's meal was steamed zucchini and steak fries. I have to say that the zucchini might as well have been pureed. I steamed it a bit too long so that it was extremely soft. It pretty much mushed together while being picked up. So not great for self-feeding. But Boo happily played with it just the same. He's such a good sport with this whole thing. He really enjoyed the steak fries. I made them at home so they had no salt.

Oh...and I wanted to pass along some clarification on "chip shape" that I came across in the BLW Yahoo group I participate in. Chip shape is like a thick french fry here in the US as that's what a chip is in the UK. And since BLW came out of the UK that's why the ideal shape is called "chip shape" and not "fry shape".

I'm really excited about our upcoming tax return. I'm going to get Boo a highchair. We're making do with what we have, but there's tons of crevices and it's a pain to clean. I've heard good things about the highchair that IKEA sells and it's super cheap. That's a double plus.

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