Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today's Food

Well, we didn't do much feeding today. We went out for lunch with Boo's grandma. Boo tried a green bean. However, I gave up after one green bean. Why? Because I didn't want to hear it all through lunch. Grandma is definitely not on board with BLW and kept saying every two seconds while he was sucking on his green bean, "He's going to choke." I finally snapped and told her "if my child chokes and dies it will be my fault then, won't it." A nice remark to say to someone who's buying your lunch. *sigh* He did gag on the green bean which of course reaffirmed in Grandma's mind that I'm about to kill her grandchild. It did make me nervous a bit being new to this and all. After getting home I looked up my BLW information and re-read the parts about gagging so that I can have a better ready response next time and also to reassure myself as I'm new to this.

"Gagging, as opposed to choking, is actually a safety response to food travelling too far back into the mouth so when we see our babies gagging they are actually handling the problem and it's best just to keep calm (or at least look calm) and wait until it passes. I give her a wee drink of water immediately afterwards which she seems to like."

- Quoted from Baby-Led Weaning Blog

Not that my ready-made response will make things any different next time. Of course it's not the way she did things or the way most people do them, so of course she's bound to think I'm nuts. Oh well.

I did find a nice guideline for what to introduce when. Here's the link:

Food Introduction Schedule

I am looking for ways to incorporate more iron into his diet, so I'm on a mission to pick some iron-rich foods in the near future. I've chosen not to utilize the iron supplements that most doctors tend to push, because I think they're probably unnecessary for many babies. Here's some information that that I utilized in making that decision:

Kellymom Iron Information

Well, I'm going to sign off and head to bed now.

Out of bed to get some water and I'm editing to add that babies gag when being spoon fed all the time - especially when they're first starting and nobody tries to tell a mom to stop feeding her child that way because "they'll choke." Anyways, just had to get that last word in.

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Kat said...


My MIL was sceptical about me feeding DD solids with no puree stage (let alone waiting until 6mo! She had her other GC stuffing the food in by 4mo...). At first I found it useful to feed DD on foods she had tried before and knew how to cope with. As for gagging, it passes. So does the critisism, after all, there is so much more we do wrong that they can't focus on one thing for too long!!

Pork - In answer to your group auestion: classically known for higher risk of food poisoning and salting used to preserve. I think that might be why...

Kat x