Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seeing Green

Green was the theme for dinner. Not intentionally, but oh what a sight. *sigh* I'm still wishing I could get the camera to work so that I could show off the pics. Oh well. I gave up and used my film camera for tonight's entree, so I can post pics later when the film is developed.

Anyways, tonight was broccoli. I attempted to make the broccoli trees as recommended for BLW. However, I think I steamed my broccoli a bit soft, so the handles broke off almost immediately upon being picked up. Oh well, Boo didn't seem to mind. He attempted to shovel it all in there anyways. He's such a great sport with this whole eating thing. He really seems to love it. In addition to the broccoli he had smashed avacado on a rice cake. That rice cake was so mushy and slimy when he was done with it. It was a beautiful sight to behold. I bet the rice cake felt great on his teething little gums. By the way, did I mention that he has the beginnings of a tooth? I can feel it and see it just a tiny bit. Yay - go Boo go!

I'm still waiting for evidence of food in his diapers. Still none as of yet, but I obsessively check each diaper. Although, I am a bit sad. We cloth diaper, so going from breastmilk poo to more solid poo is going to force me to work just a bit more when changing diapers. Oh well - it's worth it. He looks so cute in cloth. Plus, more money to buy fresh food that he can try.

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