Friday, January 25, 2008

Potatoes and Green Beans

Well, it was potatoes and green beans tonight. I got pics with the digital camera, but we can't get them to load onto the computer. *Sigh* I LOVE technology. Boo was pretty thrilled with his meal, although, I'm longing more and more for a high chair. Cleaning food off the carpet every night is no fun. I also plan to make a mat for under the high chair when funds become available. I'm going to buy some vinyl and sew up the edges.

Here's how I served the potatoes. They were roasted in a little bit of olive oil and seasoned with garlic and onion powder. I sliced them up steak fry style. He definitely enjoyed them. I'm not sure he ate any of it, but definitely gummed them beyond recognition. I guess I'll just keep watching his diapers for signs of ingested food. The green beans were steamed and plain, nothing added in other words. The green beans just got sucked on and spit out. He did gag once or twice on the green bean. But, having reassured myself on the gagging thing, I patiently watched as the big bad green bean made it's way back to the front of the mouth. At no time did Boo show any signs of choking or distress. He just went right on eating.

Well. if I get the camera figured out I'll add some nice pics of this meal. Otherwise this is it until the next meal.

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