Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beginning our baby led feeding journey

I've decided to start a new blog dedicated only to baby led feeding. Actually, the technical term is baby-led weaning. However, I've noticed that some people get confused and think that it means weaning from breastfeeding, so I've decided to use the word feeding in place of weaning. Nothing could be further from the truth. Babies who are breastfed need to continue with that during baby-led feeding as they're still getting the majority of nutrition from breast milk. Baby-led feeding is not so much about the nutritional value of solids in the's more about experiencing foods as baby is ready. I'm not the expert here, so see the links below if you want to read more. It seems that most resources on this style of feeding are in the UK and I'd really like to see more moms in the United States see this as a viable feeding option. So that's my reason for starting a new blog.

Some of you know that we've chosen to go the way of baby led feeding with Boo. We're really enjoying it so far and Boo seems to respond well. He gets so excited when he gets food put in front of him. It's so far away from mainstream and I'm sure it would raise all kinds of eyebrows with a lot of people, but oh well, Boo's not their child now is he? Anyways, here's some links in case you're wondering what the heck baby led feeding is.

Tribal Baby
Baby Led Weaning Blog
Baby Led Weaning Guidelines
An Interview With Gill Rapley (Developer of Baby-led Weaning)

So far Boo has had dairy-free pancakes, avacados, bananas, french fries, broccoli, and pork. Today I think we'll try some black beans. Last night was his first meat and he loved it. I would've taken pics if I had film. He just sat there and sucked the crap out of his pork. It was so cute. I bet it felt great on his gums too. I'm wanting to incorporate more iron-rich foods, hence the beans. I don't want to have to give him supplemental iron drops. I'd rather him get his iron naturally. So I see leafy greens in his future also. At this point he's not swallowing much at all. He didn't swallow any of the pork. I think he did swallow a bit of his broccoli, but not much. Mostly he just plays in it and throws it around. I can't wait to get a highchair. Right now I end up wearing whatever it is we've decided to feed him. Oh well - I guess that's part of the fun.

I'm going to attempt to figure out our cheap digital camera. I don't normally use it as I prefer my Canon SLR. However, in the interest of logging our feeding experiences, I would like to get the pics up immediately with the posts. So I will work on figuring that out. I'm looking forward to starting this journey and hope that many searching for more information find their way here.

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