Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eating Machine

Boo is an eating machine. He doesn't turn his nose up at too many things. According to grandma, he does not like honeydew melon or brussel sprouts. I'm not with him during the day so I haven't seen him try these foods yet, but I can't say I blame him on either accounts. I don't care for honeydew or brussel sprouts. He loves avocado which grosses grandma out to no end. She hates avocado.

Dinner can be hit or miss depending on how busy the night gets. I'm trying to be more consistent with it. But I do keep reminding myself "Food is for fun until one." That's my favorite BLW saying and I repeat it to myself when I'm feeling incompetent due to a less than wonderful spread for that night's dinner. It's very hard to be a working mother and accomplish all of the tasks that I want to do in a day. And BLW can be messy and time-consuming. I think it's time consuming in that you're not able to just spoon-feed something in quickly. However, it saves time because baby eats at the same time that you do! It's just the mess afterwards that gets a bit old. But it's all in the fun of being a parent I suppose.

Boo loves baked beans. He thinks they're wonderful. I'm not a fan of baked beans and it's not something we have often at all. But he's had them two or three times.

I let him try a bit of dairy now that he's a bit older. Just some cheese. He thinks cheese is pretty spectacular. Is there a kid out there that doesn't like cheese?

Well, anyways, this is just a little bit of this and that to kind of talk about our progress.


Monstermum said...

Monster & I totally agree on the brussel sprouts although he did have 1 for Christmas.

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Oh, this time is so exciting, with baby changing every day! It goes so quickly! I can hardly believe my littlest is 2 and talking already. we did child-led weaning, too. At this point, though, he still prefers Mommy's milk to nearly any food. Except maybe ice cream.