Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boo's First Highchair Meal

Well, our highchair came yesterday. We got the Antilop highchair from IKEA. The price is right and it's nice because there are no crevices. So it's spray and wipe. Very easy to clean. And we sure put it to the test. Last night was tacos. Silly mommy only bought hard shells, so Boo didn't get any taco shell. But he got taco meat (ground beef), black refried beans, and homemade guacamole. Boy did he love that! I got pics, but of course will have to wait to get them developed. He was quite a mess by the time that he was done. I didn't know where to start! One thing about BLW is it is very very messy. I think I've griped about that before. I wouldn't trade it for anything though because he LOVES his food. None of this spitting it out at us or trying to push it away. He can't get to it fast enough most days. He eats such a variety of things too. Grandma's been doing a great job giving him breakfast and lunch. While I'm not so naive to think she's not sneaking in some spoon feeding here and there, she really does follow the self-feeding quite well. So I'm pretty excited about that. He's definitely with great people while I work. But I guess that's off topic. Well, anyways, I have to run. I just wanted to update again!

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