Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sick Boo and Thankful To Be Nursing

Sadly Boo has not been eating much these past few days. He's sick. He has an ear infection and a sinus infection. I've tried to get him to eat and he'll take a bite here and there, but mostly just throws it. He's nursing like a newborn though. I'm really thankful that he's still nursing actually because that's about all he'll eat right now while sick. He will drink water also. Interestingly enough, I tried Pedialyte and he won't touch it. He'll drink his water, but not Pedialyte. I really think the nursing has helped though as I've been watching him for signs of dehydration. He's got a bit of diarrhea due to the antibiotic.

All in all, I'm thankful to be nursing him still. I think I'd be a lot more panicked about his level of food intake if he wasn't nursing right now. Not to mention he feels like complete crap and it's so comforting to him. Nothing comforts him like a nursing session does. I would encourage anyone who tries to do BLW to try extended nursing along with it. I'm a little amazed at how natural it all seems and how much we both seem to enjoy this.

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