Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleaning Boo

I decided to post this as there were some questions about cleaning children during the BLW process. I am by no means an expert. I've just found some things that work for us and if it can help someone else in their journey, then that's wonderful. Anyways, first thing that helps is a good highchair. Nothing with cloth. I've never had a highchair with cloth on it, but I can only imagine the horrible mess it would be. Crevices are bad too as they will get filled with gunk. We use the antilop highchair from IKEA and I couldn't be happier with the choice. There are some cuter options out there, but honestly, I don't feel a need to have something with animal or nursery print in the middle of my kitchen. Here's a link to the highchair in case you're looking for one:

IKEA Highchair

The tray comes separately so be sure to get the tray also!

Good full-coverage bibs. I've read on my BLW yahoo group that some people are using muslin tied around the baby. I think that would also do the job quite nicely. Here's what I use:

I-Play Bibs

One thing I've done is put some soap and water in a spray bottle. I use Dr. Bronner's, but you can use any mild soap that you like. Often I will spray Boo down before he even leaves the highchair. Then I may follow with a wet paper towel. If he's not that messy I may skip the initial spraying and just carry him to the sink to wash his hands in the faucet. One day after blackberries I just plopped his entire body into the sink for an impromptu bath. Most days though I just get what I can. If there's food dangling from his hair I'll scrub his head with the cloth and get the food out and send him on his way to play!

So hopefully this will be helpful to someone in the journey of BLW!

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Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Hi Crystal!

With my littlest, our after-meal routine almost always included a trip straight to the bathroom sink. I'd strip off his shirt, and sit him on the edge of the sink so he could splash in the bubbly water while I cleaned him off.

As far as unschooling goes, my husband might have been a little reserved at first, but when we started to do more reading about it, it didn't take him long to jump onboard. Especially as the boys get older and we can see how much they're learning without anything that looks like school in our normal days.

Scott teaches school, and he doesn't want our boys anywhere near it, or anything like it. Of course, most of the kids he teaches come from homes that are supplied with drugs and alcohol but don't own a single book, so he's not saying every child should be unschooled.

But it's certainly the best thing for the child with involved parents and access to positive resources such as books, the natural world, adult conversation, games, television, the grocery store, etc. etc.